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If you’re looking for the latest information about hair loss treatments in the UK, then KIH Hair Transplant Clinic can help. We offer advice and treatments for male pattern hair loss (androgenic) and female hair loss (non-androgenetic). Hairloss can be helped by hair transplants, hair loss drugs (such as Propecia or Regaine) or thinning hair can be helped by simple hair thickener products (such as Nanogen fibres).



Essentially, hair transplants are a very simple idea, basically gardening on a miniature scale. Hair is taken from the donor area and re-implanted into the recipient area. It retains the same characteristics of colour, curl and other textures as it did before.

To use the gardening analogy, if you dig up a daffodil bulb from one corner of the garden and move it to a different patch, it still remains a daffodil – it doesn’t turn into a rose or a cabbage! Also, you lose that bulb from the corner but gain it in the new patch. This is a very important point, you are not making new hair, merely relocating it. 

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