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At Kampala Independent Hospital we’re passionate about providing support for our health and care services and we rely on thoughtful, considerate people for much-needed funds. But how do you know where your money goes?  How do you know that you’re making a difference? The beauty of giving to local causes is that you can control which area of care you want to support; the one that’s closest to your heart and experience. We rely on and gratefully appreciate all donations and legacies.


If you wish, you can specify which hospital clinic you want your donation to go to. You can choose a particular Ward or one of our special appeals. Or you can opt for a particular area of medicine, for example, Neonatal, Ultrasound, Dementia or Diagnostic research. You might want to contribute to some life-saving equipment or additional facilities. However you donate or provide a legacy, each pound helps change lives for the better.


It’s your choice. Your request. Your focus – and we’re here to make that happen.