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FUE vs FUT Strip Hair Transplant



FUT Strip Hair Transplant (FUT) is the standard technique used in 70% of patients as the strip method of hair transplantation is the “Gold Standard” i.e. the most effective technique for transplanting hair and donor utilisation.

Normally, the patient should leave their hair long (clippers 4 or above) as this will allow the rest of the hair to cover the stitches afterwards. The donor hair is parted and held up with low tack tape and only the donor area required is shaved.


After lying the patient down on a couch, the hair transplant surgeon applies local anaesthetic to the donor area we want to take the hair from. We then take a thin strip of that hairy scalp and under a microscope, individually separate all the follicular units. Whilst the technicians are doing that, the doctor is placing the stitches, which are usually absorbable and don’t need to be removed (but can be, after day 10, if desired).


After a short break, the doctor numbs up the recipient area and makes pinprick incisions in the recipient area. The follicular unit grafts are then placed into the incisions by the technicians.

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