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Additional Treatments


Hair microPigmentation Treatment, more commonly know as scalp micro-pigmentation or scalp tattooing is a revolutionary semi-permanent micro-pigmenting technique that offers an alternative option for both male and female patients suffering from hair loss who are not appropriate candidates for hair transplant surgery. HPT® involves the use of a digitally controlled needle that applies medical-grade hypoallergenic colour pigment into the scalp. As well as male and female pattern hair loss, HPT® can create the illusion of hair for patients suffering from a host of scalp conditions including scarring alopecia’s, alopecia areata, totalis and universalis, as well as hair loss due to injuries and burns or disguising older FUT or FUE surgery scars.


These are non-living devices, that are worn on the head, to give the illusion of hair replacement. Obviously, these are not new, reaching both the peak of fashion and literal height, in the 17th century. However, these wigs were used to make a statement, not as a natural alternative to hair loss. Hairpieces can be very effective if good quality, real hair is used and the hairpiece is regularly maintained and replaced. The alternative types of hairpieces are listed below.


Synthetic, nylon-like fibres are the very cheapest but also the most long-lasting. The coloured fibres are very artificial in feel and colouration but require very little maintenance.


There are no magic solutions to hair restoration, but there are a variety of techniques that work, all of which are discussed here. These are non-surgical solutions for hair loss treatment that you can buy and use at home, rather than surgical treatments such as hair transplants or stem cell treatments.

Using the information here, you can make the decision that suits you best. We offer all these treatments, enabling us to truly tailor the best hair loss treatment to suit your needs and aspirations. You can buy some of these hair loss tablets and treatments from us directly.

Some of these hair loss tablets require a doctors private prescription, which we can arrange by an easy online consultation. These drugs include the various 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors, as originally used for prostate disease. 

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